Tips for Amazing Portraits & FAQs

  • Solid colors or simple or large patterns look best. Avoid VERY bright shirts, small checker print, and small stripped prints.
  • Long or 3/4 sleeve look best.
  • Avoid spaghetti straps, strapless and logo T-shirts. These styles have the potential to look very awkward in close up photos and will decrease your photo choices.
  • If you will be wearing multiple outfits, bring in the outfits you will be changing into on hangers. We have plenty of space for you to hang your clothes so they don’t get wrinkled.
  • Make sure clothes are wrinkle free and ready to go before your photography session.
  • Collared shirts look nice. Avoid stretched out collars.
  • For Black and White sessions contrasting color to your skin is best but keep it on the neutral to dark side or try a large bold pattern. You want you to be the focus of the photo.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with simple jewlery, hair accessories, or crisp clean socks. 
  • Shoes are often overlooked. So remember to clean up your shoes. Best to have 1-2 pairs that would go with multiple outfit than a pair for each outfit. 
  • Gentelmen, are you doing a Cap & Gown Session? You can bring your own white button-up and tie with you. 

Go for the natural look but accentuate your features like a bronzer to accentuate your cheekbones or eyeliner to highlight your eyes. Make sure to do your make-up in front of a well-lit mirror.

Avoid dewy or high-shimmer face make-up to avoid looking too shiny.

Do bring your make-up basics like powder or some blotting sheets with you for touch-ups and reduce shine that may happen while being photographed.

If you have booked a Black & White session, then more dramatic makeup usually looks better due to the contrast.


Haircuts and color are best done at minimum at least one week before your session. The day you have your photo session is not a good time to try a brand new hairstyle or color. You can get a line-up the day before for those close to head haircut to have a crisp clean look.

We do have vanitys and plugs for those who would like to touch up thier hair between sessions or come early to thier appoitment to get ready here. Just remember to be ready on time for your appointment.

Groups Pictures

Do your best to coordinate colors with everyone in your group photo. Having everyone wear the same color or similar color tones works best. You don’t have to exactly match from head to toe, but having a color top or bottoms in common help bring you all together. 

Example: would be everyone wearing a maroon top but bottoms vary per person OR everyone is wearing the same color jeans/bottoms or similar themed top.

Avoid patterns especially small and busy patterns and very bright colors.


We love photographing pets! We will work with you and your pet to get a shot that highlights your pet’s personality and focuses on your relationship.

Please arrive early to allow your pet time to become familiar with our studio for those animals ok with being with you during your whole appointment. Also, if possible, please relieve your pet before arriving at the studio and bring toys & treat with you to encourage your pet during the session.

Please remember that pets often respond unpredictably to new environments. Bring small items with you that you think would make your pet more comfortable. For animals that are not comfortable in crowded/busy area we suggest that someone bring the pet for just thier session with you and then takes them home afterwards to reduce the stress on you and your animal.

We kindly request that you bring someone your pet knows to take care him/her if you have scheduled other sessions without your pet. Please keep small animals contained by either being held, tethered, or a cage/crate if possible and large animals on leashes at all times while in our studio. 

Portrait Session FAQs

Senior Session Q&A (applicable to many other photo sessions too)
What should I wear for my senior portraits?

You want to look great in your senior portraits so take some time to decide what you want to wear. Now is the time to dress up! Try on your outfits and group them on hangers. Make sure your clothing is ironed and ready to go before you arrive at the studio. We suggest following your style but dressing it up a bit if you want a change.


Any ideas for props?

Bring in a prop that shows off who you are. Typical props include sports equipment and musical instruments. Get creative! Some students bring in a copy of their favorite book or small collections. If you have something in mind, don’t be shy, just bring it in. Feel free to bring multiple props to increase photo options (for example, if you are a football player, please bring your helmet, pads, cleats, and jerseys.)

Don’t worry, as a photography studio, we’ve also got sports balls. But you can always bring your own.

We want to capture who you are!

How should I do my hair?
If you’re getting a haircut, please make sure it’s at least one week before the session. Wear your hair in a style that’s comfortable and reflects who you are. Portrait day is not a good time to try a brand new hairstyle.


Are my images retouched?

Yes, all of our finished images are retouched. Our retouching includes blemish removal, facial line reduction, blending and flyaway hair. Additional retouching is available, please contact us for an estimate.

Braces removal is $40 per image.


I usually wear glasses. Should I wear them during my photo session?
If you would like to be photographed wearing glasses, we will position your glasses and our lights to reduce glass glare. IMPORTANT: If you wear transition lenses (lenses that darken in the sun), please put the glasses in their case at least 30 minutes before being in front of the camera. Let the photographer know, and you can put them on right before being photographed. This will ensure we get to see your eyes in your photos.